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BarePhat is all natural oils, bee’s wax and essential oils in a unique blend that does an amazing job of replenishing and healing anywhere you are dry or chapped.

BarePhat contains pure lard, coconut oil, virgin olive oil, Shea butter and essential oils blended with bee’s wax.

Use BarePhat all over where ever you are dry: hands, face, hair, beards and chest hair, feet and elbows, noses and sore bottoms, new tattoos and bandage goo! BarePhat has been nurse tested and nurse approved, tested on our own four generations of family and not animals, (although some people have used it on their pooches).

BarePhat is very quenching, soothing, nourishing. Apply when skin is wet for most benefit and ease of application. 

BarePhat come in 6 lightly scented fragrances: Our two original scents Luxurious Lavender and Legendary Frankincense; our Shopper’s Favorite choice Sensual Sunburst *Orange, Lemongrass &Tea Tree*, our newest Manly Teak wood, along with BarePhat Special Requests Peppermint, Unscented and our newest Winter Kiss *Vanilla Peppermint*

BarePhat is available in 4 convenient sizes:  8 oz, 4 oz, 1 oz, and .5 ml (which we call Lip Balm size)


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Brian & Stacey ARE Pierre & Monique! Their fun and love for each other, along with Brian's bee keeping and chemical understanding coupled with Stacey's very dry and curly hair, brought forth this luxurious hair and body slather!

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