The BarePhat Story…

The BarePhat Story…

When Brian & Stacey May were married in 2003, they were always looking for ways to save money, as well as ways to have fun!   Haircuts for Brian at the mall added up, and for Stacey, coloring was a new realm that was expensive. They figured they could learn to cut each other’s hair and Brian turned out to be a natural at coloring Stacey’s hair.  What a fun way to spend time together!

One day while Brian was trimming Stacey’s hair, he snipped the air with his scissors and spoke in a French accent “I am Pierre. I will make you beautiful Monique!”   She answered “Oh Pierre, You are so debonair and creative!”  Laughter ensued and those became their pet names when they do each other’s hair.

Long days of work and play in the harsh Kansas sun & wind took its toll on Monique’s long locks. Her parched hair was craving drenchment.  They tried many, many products: special leave in conditioners, hot oils, hair serums, etc…all which promised much, but delivered very little, with a lot of them being very expensive. Frustrated and tangled, Monique took her problem to Pierre, who with his background in chemistry, began experimenting with different natural oils and included some of their home-harvested bee’s wax. At some point he realized that store-bought products are all made of man-made, synthetic or vegetable oils, many including harsh and unpronounceable chemicals. When he realized this, he thought “We are not vegetables…we are animals. We need to add animal fat of some kind.”   After many trials, he has perfected a combination of natural oils, essential oils and bee’s wax… which is truly a success!

Following a hot bath or shower, Monique would apply warmed BarePhat through her hair. BarePhat has transformed her unruly locks into soft, smooth and manageable hair, enhancing the natural curl and shine.      Straw to Silk! After a few applications, it became apparent that BarePhat works all over the body.  Very soon Monique noticed that her hands were softer and her shoulders seemed smoother…so she started slathering it all over her body…head to toe…with dramatic results. She even uses it on her face, and for lip balm. Pierre was so impressed by the results that he decided to try it on some rough patches on his elbows. BarePhat worked so nicely that he started using it all over as it is great for chest hair and beards, too.  (( Monique likes the change rather well! ))

They have benefited from this wonderful luxurious hair and body slather so much that they started giving out jars to friends and family to try.  Response has been so overwhelming that they have decided to take it to market so that more folks can benefit.

One of Monique’s cousins even tried some on a fresh tattoo and was so pleased with the results as compared to the brand he normally uses, that he has taken BarePhat to market in Oregon!

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  1. Stacy/Monique shared the Barephat with me a while back. It was the best hand cream ever! I can’t wait to try it on my hair!

    1. You will love it!!!

      I would suggest that you use BarePhat with water on the dryest parts of your hair to start with. Wet your hair and wet small amount of BarePhat as well, then use fingers to apply to hair. Then comb through to spread.

      Our new recipe includes Shea Butter and is super luxurious! I also use our Lather bar for shampoo…until Pierre perfects liquid soap and shampoo!

  2. You will love it!
    I would suggest using BarePhat with water on the dryest parts of your hair to start with. BarePhat works wonders when wet!!!
    Our new recipe now includes Shea Butter.

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