All Natural for All Over

All Natural for All Over

Use anywhere that is dry! No chemicals or preservatives.

Hair – Hand – Body cream

Hair: Seals in moisture, tames unruly hair, can be used as a styling gel

Great for beards and body hair

Hands: Softens rough dry hands and cuticles

Removes callouses

Helps to seal in moisture to counteract overly sanitized hands

Body: Slather over entire body after a bath or shower to

soften skin and seal in moisture

Smoothes wrinkles and crepe skin, especially bat wings and butt cheeks! đŸ™‚

Brightens tattoos

About the author

Brian & Stacey ARE Pierre & Monique! Their fun and love for each other, along with Brian's bee keeping and chemical understanding coupled with Stacey's very dry and curly hair, brought forth this luxurious hair and body slather!

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